Stay Away From COTTON!!!


Its the most wonderful time of the year, just not for our hair :(... This is the time where we are using more hats, scarves, wraps etc. Its important that we know how to still care for our tresses for BANGING Spring/Summer hair.

COTTON (wool and other moisture robbing fabrics) is the biggest threat this season. These fabrics draw moisture from your hair leaving it dull and dry and who wants dry hair, ew!

I have a few tips to help your hair survive these harsh weather conditions as well as unreliable fabrics. 

  • Tip 1: Try using a satin lined bonnet or scarf during bed time. 
  • Tip 2: Deep condition, deep condition, DEEP CONDITION!!!!! Your hair is THIRSTY, expand that cuticle and give it some love.
  • Tip 3: Your neckline line hair is just as vulnerable.. Neck scarves can damage your hair, dry it out and even worst, PULL IT OUT. Be careful how you take these off. 

I hope this helps :)